Monday, June 18, 2007

Episode #03: The One Which Must Not Be Named (Show Notes)

We're back with the third episode! I need to warn you though, there's hardly any knitting-related content in this episode at all. But we had fun nevertheless! (What's with me getting progressively drunk while, I pushed the wrong button once and deleted a whole section! *oops*)

We had loads of great fun. I just can't believe some of the things I said on and off mic...I ended up physically rolling off the floor laughing!

So, let's get on with the show!

Thank you for mentioning us!
We digressed immensely here and started talking about toilet drops *LOL*

We also would like to thank you for all the comments, emails and iTunes reviews!!!

....and don't forget to answer my Quiz! ;-)

One weird fact:
  • Cashyie went on a a Strip-Club! (And ran in to a *famous* scientist)
  • Ms. B has uneven legs!
  • Elemm's hooked on re-hanking yarns and taking photos of them
What's on our needles?
Life in Germany with Ms. B: Television in Germany....mostly in German. So she escapes with Internet Television. Shady programmes after midnight, paid by your Television Fees! Going to the movies thinking it was in English....*wrong* (they wouldn't let me join in the discussion about popcorns!). Tobacco commercials in the movies.
  • OV: Originalversion = Originial Version
  • OoU: Original ohne Untertitel = Original without subtitle
  • OmU: Original mit Untertitel = Original with subtitle
Cashyie goes shopping! This time, she went and got herself a Dirndl, so she can get South Tyrolians! :-p If you have South Tyrolians to spare, please write to

KnittersUncensored (AT) gmail (DOT) com

I (Elemm) was going to talk about photography tips this time but we talked so much already that it would've been too much (plus, I was too drunk to string together something, no chance of doing a segment without slurring badly *LOL*)

  • LAST CALL: Benediktbeuern Textile Market (22nd-23rd September 2007): Biggest textile market in Germany. Meet the Wollmeise in person! Fondle her gorgeous yarns before making the purchase. There will be a sock-workshop with Yarnissima, the designer of the Digitessa! The Knitters Uncensored Team will be there and we all will be having a PJ-Knit-Party! This is an open invitation to all the listeners, as well as to all podcasters out there! It's on during Oktoberfest, what better excuse to combine yarn with beer?!
  • Join our Hank Wankers Group! Wind all your yarns into beautiful hanks!!!! Just 'wank your hanks!' *LOL*
  • Knitters Uncensored Theme Song by Ms. B and her DH!
  • Closing Song: "One more year at Hogwarts" by Billy Reid (I and Ms. B will be knitting him each a pair of socks! If you feel like joining us in this then send us an email!)
You can contact us via email at:

KnittersUncensored (AT) gmail (DOT) com

or just leave us a comment here!

Hope that we didn't bore you to death with our non-knitting-related banters this time! Until the next episode! Knit on!!!

Yours (totally sobered and without a hangover),

Ps. We talked a bit about Ravelry, if you're not a beta tester yet then go and put your name down. If you've put your name down but haven't received an invitation yet, then go check your junkmail....if it's not there, then just be patient! You will get in soon!! In the mean time, just go take pretty photos of your stash and your projects! ;-)


kniteurope said...

Ironically... the tv/radio/anything that goes on the internet people came by my apartment this afternoon! I don't have a tv or radio, but aparently you're supposed to pay 5,50 euro/month if you have anything that can go on the internet. I played the "oh really? I'm an American and didn't know, plus I'm moving back to the States in a month" card and got out of having to pay anything. Horray! More money for yarn! haha.

Anyways, funny show as always.

(p.s. there's a foreign film theater in Nuernberg... you guys should make a field trip.)

Carol said...

Great episode. Here in Vancouver, British Columbia, you can get the toilet drops at Walmart.

ms. b said...

carol - Awesome, thanks for letting us know. Although that doesn't help *US*! :)

Elemmaciltur said...

Hahahaha, maybe we KU-lers should start importing the Toilet Drops to Germany. :-p *LOL*

alala said...

Another great show guys! I hate dubbed films too, especially since there's only a few actors to do all the voices, so you'll see, I dunno, an Evil Terrorist Guy with the same voice as Bob the Builder or Winnie the Pooh. Very disturbing.

Where do we sign up for Benediktbeuern and/or the Billy Reid Sockalong? By email, or here in the comments?

What else? Oh, what's a Hindu? I'm gonna guess "She lays an igg."

ms. b said...

alala, just letting us know is good. are you sure you want to knit a pair of billy reid socks??? size 12! that's freaking H.U.G.E!!!

CarrieCreates said...

Super great show! I was walking my dog while listening...people had to have thought I was nuts. I laughed the whole time. Thanks guys!

Heidi said...

Love your podcast! Hope you continue with it! Wish I could come to Germany!

Auntly H said...

Does your TV have the "magic button"? In Austria and Switzerland, there are channels that, if you switch to mono (vs. stereo), play German out of one side and English out of the other (right or left, may vary). I suspect this is true of Euro News and Euro Sport. The national channels that have American shows (like Gray's Anatomy) are reputed to have this feature after 9 or 10 pm. Unfortunately our TV is all mono all the time with no way to switch so I can't benefit. I hope you can.

Cashyie, the Librarian movie hasn't been released, but when it is, I will procure and send you a copy.

P.S. Now you have me wanting a Dirndl. What kind of crazy peer pressure is this?!?!?

Tini said...

Hi folks,
I'm just listening to the 3rd episode (around Minute 40) and it is soooo funny.
If you have satellite tv? If yes, you should try Danish TV. They don't dubb stuff!
Do you have to re-hank the yarn or are yarncakes o.k. too?
Btw. you don't sound drunk :) IF I could make it to Benediktbeuren (financal issues ;) I'd love to! I could bring some whisky and we can have some whisky tasting :)

Lady O said...

I want a dirndl!! A well engineered foundation garment is a wonderful thing. (BTW - I thought it was really amusing that there is a hotlink on the word 'cleavage' in the Wiki article you linked to.)

Chelsea the Yarngeek said...

I really need to stop listening to you guys at work. I just about cracked up and fell out of my chair a couple of times! Keep up the great work and let me know if you need help with socks for Billy Reid. I got home yesterday and made my husband watch all of his videos on YouTube. He's so funny! :)

alala said...

ms.b: definitely up for Benediktbeuern, I've already told Mr Husband I'm going and he can't stop me.

Pondering the socks. I'm on a musical sock kick lately, so socks for a musician would be just the thing, n'est pas? But yeah, size 12 is fairly intimidating (large... shoes). What's the deadline?

Also, how many skeins of Wollmeise sock yarn would one need for size 12 socks?

Lizzy, England said...

Just ordered toilet drops from ! Can't wait. Love the show. RRRREGIA!

Bob Scoverski said...

Ha! Love the bassonova intro.

Ms. B said...

Hi Lizzy - thanks for the link!!! For those of you interested in the toilet drops, go get some there!

S.B. Naas said...

if you are looking for the Sci-fi sillyness of the Librarian movies, I believe that my boyfriend has digital copies of them. If that is what you are looking for, let me know, and I will see if I can get the files sent to you.
email me at if you want it!

stitchstud said...

For the last 3 days (well 16 hours of them) I've been painting a mural on my wife's school's gymnasium wall. Your podcast was among many that kept me sane up on the ladder. Thanks for the great chats, stories, and resources - toilet drops for example. :)

hizKNITS said...

For the record... I support Elemmacilitur's Clementine shawl. It's gorgeous and he wears it fabulously.

I responded to y'all's question about whether men should wear shawls. I don't think most men can pull it off the way E can.

And, yes, I have the clap.

FireSpinner said...

Ms. B, I think the fact that you know Rivers is way wierder than you're shorter leg. And its wicked cool. Plus everybody's a little bit uneven.

bockstark.knits said...

haha, yeah, it is kind of a weird thing that I know him... i don't usually mention it anymore (unless we're talking about my husband's sordid past) because a lot of people don't know who he or weezer is! maybe i'm getting too old...