Friday, December 28, 2007

Extra note on Episode 11's discussion

Hey there Uncensored Knitters,

It seems that you guys are shooting right over the real point in the discussion here....and I'm feeling that I am being misunderstood and I would like to do a damage control before people really get the wrong idea about me (yes, I do care what other people think of some regards).

From what I've read on the comments, it seems that people are thinking as though I were against getting tested, which isn't the case at all. If you've read the show notes, you will see that I've already got tested and that it was Dr. D himself who asked the question first before I got to it.

What I was so adamant about in the discussion was the fact that I feel that Cashyie was giving me the idea that you were supposed to be asking right on your first date. Which isn't what I would do. I would of course ask, as I had stated in the podcast, but only when the relationship starts to get serious, i.e. that the relationship is official. When we were recording the podcast, it wasn't official yet, but it is now and like I said, both I and Dr. D got tested.

Now, to re-state and re-phrase the question that I/we want to know again: WHEN is the right time to ask your (potential) partner about their health status? Surely, you wouldn't be sitting down to the first dinner on the first date and suddenly blurt out about HIV-test, would you?

Elemm (who already got tested)

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Episode #11: Scotch-Flavoured Condom Filled Christmas (Show Notes)

A tad late than intended. Ms. B was enjoying her vacation too much that she didn't get around editing our Christmas episode. But hey, it's Boxing Day after it still counts as Christmas, eh?

Opening done by Ms. B's son. Isn't he just cute???! (Here's what I can make out of what he said: "Welcome to Knitters Uncensored episode 11 with Elemm, Cashyie and Ms. B. Merry Christmas! Tchüss!")

Cashyie tries to welcome you in German with an Italian accent. We launched right into....

What's on/off our needles?
  • Cashyie:
    • Off her sewing needles: 35 Advent Calendars! (Yup, she sews now! She even thrashed her sewing machine trying to fix it. She ended up having to go over to Ms. B's and use her sewing machine.)
    • Sewn Faux-Tarp Plastic bag (FO)
    • Another My So-Called Scarf in Alpaca (WIP. This also started the story about how Climbing Wife has fallen from grace for Ms. B.)
    • Crochet Fish Christmas Tree Ornament for her Schlecker Lady ("Schlecker" is a chain of drug-store here in Germany.)
  • Ms. B:
    • "Striped Lily the Pink" (in the mean time almost an FO)
    • 7 hats: Mission Fall Chullo hat for her kid, Rock-Star Husband and Amanda Hat and Coronet hats for her kids' Kindergarten teachers (digressions about the time when Ms. B went to Ecuador)
We then digressed about Cashyie's Scotch-flavoured condoms story and how she unintentionally got better treatments at a club because of them....and also how Climbing Wife "tried" it on and it fit perfectly!!! :-p
Apart from that, I've been busy with my university work: Handing in my seminar papers, registering for my Diploma thesis and exams.

Cashyie has Christmas presents for us! I got a some Glühwein (mulled-wine) lollies and a ball of GGH-Vision.....and we had a great laugh over Cashyie's pronunciation of the GGH-yarn! Ms. B got also grappa lollies and a hank of Trekking Hand-dyed. Rock-Star Husband gets a small bottle of "Bärenfang" mead.

Life in Germany: The Christmas Markets in Germany. Cashyie went to the Nuremberg Christmas Market. I didn't make it to any of the markets at all. Ms. B didn't either, but she went to the Home and Hand Work show.

There are several small Christkindlmärkte in a city....pretty much one in each suburb. In Munich, the tourist hub would have a Christkindlmarkt that are full of imported stuff, but not made-in-Germany stuff. We also talked a bit about Tollwood which is a kind of seasonal festival here in Munich.

Wollmeise Colourways:
  • Rittersporn = delphinium, larkspur
  • Veilchen = violet
  • Gewitterhimmel = stormy sky
  • Sultan (and OMG, Ms. B didn't know what a "Sultan" is!)
  • Regenbogen = rainbow
  • Raku-Regenbogen = "Raku" rainbow
Please send the Wollmeise your well-wishes, she had been a bit unwell. Ms. B talked about how she was talking to Shannon from the SSK Podcast about the Wollmeise Moebius, which in the mean time also is offered as a kit in her shop (pretty new, because at the time of our recording there wasn't any kits yet).

Contest: Photoshop Wollmeise Yarns in some kind of funny settings and send it to us! We'll pick the winner and you' something, I guess. :-p

Cashyie's Freak-of-the-Week: We will now feature Cashyie's dating life over the internet...but she ended up getting some very weird "winks". Listen and have a good laugh! 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Contest 2: Help Cashyie write up her headline and her internet profile! The best one will be picked by Cashyie and get a prize she got from the Christmas Market.

Sex-Ed 101 with the KU: And then they turned the conversation around to me and the fact that I was kind of off-the-market (in the mean time I'm officially off-the-market you'll be hearing a lot more about my Dr. D from now on). Cashyie then started talking about "exclusivity"in regards to "Ahem"....yeah, okay, in regards to sex and whether you ask your partner prior to your first sexual intercourse whether they've been tested for "various things" yet. This sparked off a whole long discussion. Up to that point I never talked to Dr. D about this issue, because for me, it wasn't up to the *serious* point of a relationship yet. However, this is just not how we do it...or at least not how I do it.

Cashyie was absolutely appalled about my reactions to this issue. It wasn't resolved when we were recording the episode. However, for the record I need to say that it was Dr. D himself who brought up the subject (which surprised and amused me), and I would like to state here that in the mean time, I got tested and have got my negative result back (and yes, Dr. D also got tested, but he gets his results back after the New Year). I'll report more on this in the next episode. ;-)

So, what's your view on this? Do you ask your potential partner about tests? Do you ask them right early on, or when it's about to get more serious? Do you think that in doing so, is it just going too far or is it just being safe? Share your opinions with us!

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Until the next time, have a Happy Holiday and knit hard! And get tested!!!! :-p


Episode #11: Scotch-flavored Condom Filled Christmas

Episode #11: Scotch-flavored Condom Filled Christmas

Ms. B is enjoying her vacation too much and took a loong-ass time to edit and get this out. We were hoping to get this out BEFORE Christmas, but well, we're a little late...

Opening by Ms. B's son. You may or may not understand what he is saying. It was too cute to NOT include it.

What's on or off our needles and Cashyie shares her condom stories

Cashyie gives out Christmas gifts wrapped with unusual wrapping.

Life in Germany - Christmas markets!

German Terms - Elemm deciphers more Wollmeise colors!

Cashie tells us about her potential dates and has a contest for our listeners

We turn the podcast into a debate about getting tested or not, join in the fun!

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Music: "The Greatest Xmas Song Ever Written" by American Heartbreak

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Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas!

We at the KU would like to wish all our listeners a very Happy Holiday! Thanks for sticking and cackling like mad with us through 2007!

Elemm (for the KU-Team)

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

KU Stickers, anyone?

If you are interested in getting some free Knitters Uncensored stickers (looks just like the logo), please email me at bockstark.knits(at)gmail(dot)com or leave a comment. If you are in Germany, just send me your address, if you are in the US, I will give you the info where you can send me a SASE (remember those?) and I'll send them whenever I arrive later this month.

Unfortunately, I can't send it to other countries since it will cost too much. Maybe if we can work out some kind of shipping arrangement.... :)

Ms. B