Friday, February 15, 2008

Episode #12: The Catch-Up Special (Show Notes)

Hey there Uncensored Knitters!

We're baaaaaaaaaaaaaaack! It's been quite a long while since our last we decided to just throw our normal format out the window for this once and just catch up with you guys on what's been happening with us.

Starting with Elemm (you know, it still feels so weird referring to myself in third person):
  • I was promptly told to put away my knitting before the podcast started...but my Firestarter is finished in the mean time!
  • I delivered the package sent to us from WonderMike. Thank you so much, hun!
  • I finally got myself a spinning wheel! And I've been spinning up a storm ever since. I love my Kromski Minstrel and named him ValrainĂ«. I'm not going to go into details here about the wheel type and the spinning techniques involved that I tried to talk about in the podcast. Now I just need more bobbins and a tensioned Lazy Kate. (I got a Niddy Noddy from Ms. B later on in the show.)
  • We then talked about my Firestarter a bit. You can get the pattern via a direct link over at Yarnissima. Don't forget to check out her other gorgeous patterns! We also talked about my knitting tightly.
  • I also knit myself a pseudo-scarf/neckwarmer out of my own hand-spun.
  • We moved on to Dr. D and I expressed my little dismay over the whole discussions that ensued from the last episode. Just let it be said that I got tested, Dr. D got tested, we're fine and we're together...and I'm putting a cap on this discussion now. :-p
  • I ended up disclosing personal information again about getting drunk and dancing on the table. We talked a bit about Fasching. Is there something going on about kids having to dress up as birds?
  • Dr. D actually wants a striped 100% cashmere scarf from me....until he hears how expensive a 50 g ball of pure cashmere is. Maybe I should just buy the fibre and spin it up and knit for him. We'll see. ;-)
  • I've also started my new job at the LYS! I work there Thursdays and Fridays from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. If you're around, come and visit me @ Lanaiolo, Grillparzerstr. 35, 81675 Munich! Just come, browse through the yarns, sit and knit with us! (There supposed to be a Knit-Night there tonight, but it's been cancelled.)
  • I ranted a bit about my work at the Hostel....because I had to work over the holidays.
Ms. B:
  • She gave us our belated Christmas gifts! (With lots of squeeing from the recipients.)
  • Thank you to Lauren who sent us Tofutsies; to PhotoKnitNerd for the chocolate that Ms. B actually forgot back in Hawaii; and to Knit & Play with Fire for the cool firebrigade stickers!
  • She talks about her trip back home to the USA, about reverse cultural shock. How she's happy about seeing Beef Shack and things that you just don't have here in Germany.
  • She started talking about LYSs in the US...only to be interrupted by Rock-Star Husband pounding meat.....not his though. :-p
  • Ms. B also got to help Hazel Knits with her work and we also got some yummy yarns from her! Go and check out her shop!
  • She also finished her pair of Firestarters, 3 pairs of Felted Clogs, a Clapotis; started a Print O the Wave stole and worked on her La Digitessa
  • She also gave me a Niddy Noddy!
  • Ditched the Mankittens who haven't been treating her so well. Happy for Climbing Wife who has got a girlfriend....and now Cashyie herself has a 3rd Grade Rebound crush. :-p
  • She's also now knitting socks!
  • Cashyie has also joined Ravelry (at last).
  • The winner from last episode was also announced.
  • She gave up on internet dating....and threw people off tracks by wearing make-up.
The only announcement we have is that a friend of ours is moving to New York and so she's looking for knitting groups and people in Jersey City and Manhattan. If you're in one of the groups or know someone, please leave us comments here or contact us and we'll forward the information to our friend.

You can leave us a comment here or contact us via email:

KnittersUncensored (at) gmail (dot) com

or come and join us at our Uncensored Knitters Ravelry Group!

This episode's music is Jonathan Coulton's "Tom Cruise Crazy", and it is brought to you by:

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Until next time! Keep Knitting!


Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Episode #12: The Catch-up Special

Episode #12: The Catch-up Special

We're baaaaack! This is an episode that gets you caught up on what we did on our break. Ms. B went to the states and bought lots of yarn. Elemm bought a spinning wheel and worked. Cashyie started knitting socks and joined Ravelry.

Check out our blog at: or write us an email at: KnittersUncensored (AT) gmail (DOT) com, or check out our group on Ravelry called "Uncensored Knitters"

Music: "Tom Cruise Crazy" by Jonathan Coulton

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