Monday, October 22, 2007

Better late than never...

Here's a special shout-out:

Happy (belated) Birthday to Mike from Socktopus!

You're a darling, dear, and we all luv ya! The rest of you go and wish him a happy birthday, will you?

Elemm & the KU-Gang

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Episode #08: Action in the Gusset (Show notes)

We're back! Packed full with beer fumes and knitting for the Oktoberfest! And we promptly launch into our assumptions about Oktoberfest. :-p Cashyie is determined to visit every beer tents and experience the German (well, actually it's the Bavarian) Gemütlichkeit.

Shout-out to Katia & KylieMac (have some M&M's. And do give us a yell if you guys come to Munich! And of course, we would totally go to the Rocky Horror Picture Show with you guys if we get to Paris!) If you like our podcast - not the knitting content in our podcast, but the expat content - then you'll more than likely enjoy K&K, too! Go listen to them and say that you're an Uncensored Knitter!

Cashyie gave away her chocolate body-paint...and I somehow revealed to the whole world about my sexual life... :-p

What's on/off our needles?
We kept veering off and talked about Benediktbeuern and the Wollmeise, how I got drunk and gave them the finger. :-p Rock-Star-Husband has also been paired up with his "Climbing Wife", who is also a Mankitten.

Life in Germany: This time, we all talk about Oktoberfest. But before we could get to that, Ms. B recounts how she almost got run over. We started off by talking about the fact that there are so many drunk people walking around and how Ms. B, Tini and DeKnit got hit on by some drunk Italians. Cashyie's drunken train ride back to Munich from Benediktbeuern. How to keep yourself entertained at the Oktoberfest watching drunken people trying to get on the "Toboggan" ride.

Oktoberfest is supposed to be the biggest folk festival in the world. We talk about the length of the Lederhosn. The correlation of a Dirndl's showiness and harassments by the drunken men. Old women with strong arms serving beer.

German Terms with Elemm: We continue with the Wollmeise colourways,
  • Rosenrot = Rose red
  • Granatapfel = Pomegranate
  • Maria's Deepest Purple
  • Brombeere = Blackberry
  • Frosch = Frog
  • Löwenzahn = Dandelion
Benediktbeuern report: We had sooooo much fun! I had to whined about my tiredness from having to work until late and then go to Frankfurt the next day and meet up with everybody for Benediktbeuern. But Ms. B trumped over with her tired-story. Cashyie got an amazing bag from Tini (go and visit her shop: Ostseegarn!)

We ended up not getting around to do the sock workshop with Yarnissima, since we were so drunk and she was tired. Das Schneeschaf was there with her super-cute boyfriend....and got all the knitters giddy with her MariSilk. Ms. B and Cashyie went and painted Benediktbeuern red in their drunkenness.

It was great to meet every body. Thank you so much!! We had a whole load of fun with you:
You can also go read my post on Benediktbeuern as well as Ms. B's post.

We also got around to do an interview with Das Schneeschaf / Andrea! Go and visit her Das Schneeschaf shop and drool (and buy) her beautiful yarns!

Cashyie remembered in the last minute to talk about her toe-socks.....*no comment*

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And before closing...I plugged a bit at DamKnit's spinning skill!

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We don't know when the next episode is going to be up, considering our mad schedules at the moment.

Hope you all enjoyed the episode. Happy knitting (and spinning)!!!


Episode #08: Action in the Gusset

Episode #08: Action in the Gusset

It's Oktoberfest time!

We give a shout out to Katia and Kyliemac!

What's on or off our needles

Drunken and/or hungover train stories

Life in Germany - Okotberfest!

German Terms - Elemm deciphers more Wollmeise colors!

Benediktbeuern report and interview with Andrea of Das Schneeschaf


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