Monday, June 18, 2007

Episode #03: The One Which Must Not Be Named

Episode #03: The One Which Must Not Be Named

It's time for Episode #03!!! Welcome to our (drunken) banters! :-p

Elemm got progressively drunk during the show, but we had great fun recording (and re-recording *Elemm's fault*)

Thank you: David Reidy, Brenda Dayne, Jenny & Nicole, Dharmafey

We digress and talk about toilets and toilet-drops *LOL*

One more weird fact from each of us

What's on our needles?

Life in Germany with Ms. B: German TV & going to the movies in Germany

Cashyie goes Dirndl Shopping


  • Benediktbeuern: Last-Call!!!
  • Hank Wanker Group on Flickr
  • Knitting socks for Billy Reid
  • Opening Music: Ms. B and her DH
  • Closing Music: "One More Year at Hogwarts", Billy Reid (
You can find the detailed show note under the following URL:


S. said...

Listened to all three episodes this morning - you do a great job! Looking forwrad to episode no. 4.

Emily said...

I love your podcast! As for Cashmacrylic's plan to snag a male librarian, I have been to one of those conferences, and the pickings were definitely slim ;)