Sunday, September 16, 2007

Two places still available for Benediktbeuern!!!!

Hey Uncensored Knitters!

I just received an email telling me that two people have to jump off the wagon for Benediktbeuern, and so there are now 2 places to fill if you want to jump in. Please tell me ASAP if you want to come and spend the weekend with us. The cost for the hostel is EUR 29.50 in a double room per person and including breakfast. I'm leaving this up until Thursday morning when I'll cancel the room.

Leave a comment here or email us if you're interested at: KnittersUncensored (AT) gmail (DOT) com


Monday, September 3, 2007

Episode #07: Fun Filled With Fibre Factoids! (Show Notes)

Another long episode.....but we know you LOVE it! ;-p

Cashyie officially tried to eliminate me from the show by feeding me high percentage alcohol. Believe me, this Stroh 80 thing BURNS your throat....and I couldn't talk for a bit. And promptly, we veered off to talk about Tyrolean Mankitten....

You will learn the use of made-up words by Tyrolean Mankitten. You get to learn what chillaxin' is....and why it shouldn't be transcribed directly in Catalán: Xlaxin' just got Ms. B and me laughing literally for minutes! (If you don't know, Exlax is a brand of laxative! - And no, this isn't advertisement).

Now that you know, take the poll: VoteShould Cashyie tell her Tyrolean Mankitten what "Exlax" is?

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A thank you goes to Dharmafey from Socks in the City Podcast for the gorgeous sock yarns for us plus the extra toe/heel yarn for me!!

We plugged Knit Therapy! Go have a listen...

What's on/off our needles? VoteShould Cashyie give back the skein of MariSilk to Ms. B?
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Nah, she should make something for her mum!

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  • Cashyie:
    • Montego Bay Scarf
    • She's going to cast on for mittens
Cashyie also tells us about her experience knitting at the gym, falling down the elliptical trainer and other anecdotes you can only find at the gym.

I had been neglecting my knitting totally...because I found a new hobby: Spinning! I actually started off with Ms. B. Scored off some rovings from her (which she actually got from Cauchy09). Ms. B doesn't like spinning. I, on the other hand, am totally hooked. I got some cheap wool to spin with and I also got heaps of rovings and fibre samples from Mike and KnottyNaomi!

I finished spinning up the singles during recording. Got home that evening and plied the yarn, washed and set the twist...and here's the result:

Hand-spun: Midnight Lilac, originally uploaded by elemmaciltur.

I also talked about this one sample from KnottyNaomi, which is Ingeo.

Cashyie has been conducting some secret experiments! She dyed some gorgeous yarn! First, she scored the blank yarn - not even super-wash - from Ms. B. Interestingly, Cashyie dyed the yarn with hair-dye. She even talked to us a bit about the scientific side of dyeing the yarn with hair-dye.

German terms with Elemm: I've decided to do something different. But before I could even start, we got another not-so-very-appropriate German term for you, and that is "Arschgeweih" ("Ass Antler").

Anyway, I will be translating the colourway names of the Wollmeise yarns! I won't be translating the obvious ones, but I'll include them here for the sake of completeness:
  • Wollmeise = Wool tomtit
  • Sonne = sun
  • Campari Orange (it's a cocktail, HERE is the recipe)
  • Kürbis = pumpkin
  • Spice Market
  • Red Hot Chili
  • Uluru (click on the link, if you don't know what "Uluru" is)
  • Indisch Rot = Indian red
  • Dornröschen = Sleeping Beauty (lit. thorny rose)
  • Wilder Mohn = Wild poppy
Life in Germany with Ms. B: Working and vacation in Germany. Bavaria has the most amount of vacations and holidays in Germany....and that's why Ms. B and her family chose to be here. *LOL* Cashyie also shares her German work cafeteria (Mensa) life.

Also, when you move here, you need to register yourself at the citizen registration office (Einwohnermeldeamt). When you register, you need to put in your religion....and you end up with a religion tax.

Holidays aren't compensated here, if that holiday falls on a weekend.

CV in your application for a job here needs to have a photo of yourself in it. There are some discrimination at work place here that aren't spoken for openly...but it's there and believe me, I have experienced it myself. They're not rampant about it, but it's an underlying tone. Especially they would discriminate because of age. Also, it's hard for women who have children here to work, just because of the time slot of things here.

And again, we picked on Rock Star Husband. We tested him against Cashyie on their knowledge of all things about knitting. And poor Rock Stark Husband got tricked into drinking a shot of Stroh 80 before doing the quiz. (And I noticed that he was wearing cashmere socks!) Cashyie totally scored this round. ;-)

Rock Star Husband tells a story about a creepy little girl who scared him in his younger years. We'll be hearing more of his stories in later episodes!

Ms. B also talks about her Malabrigo yarns that she got....partly for the Hanami Stole that Shannon from the SSK Podcast enabled her to knit.

  • Benediktbeuern Textile Market (22nd-23rd September 2007): We're set! For those in Germany, it seems we're all meeting up at the Hauptbahnhof to take the train together. Since you're all coming at different time, I'm suggesting that we gather our group at the Starbucks on the platforms to the southern side of the station. I'll be there from 8.30 a.m. onwards on Saturday morning (22nd). I think that we'll be taking the train that leaves at 10.32 a.m. and we should arrive in Benediktbeuern at 11.29 a.m. We will organise the returning time when we got together, since some of us might want to get back early. Really looking forward to meeting up with everybody! Anyone who just wants to join us for the day is welcome, but please let me know with ample time so that I can organise you into the group!
  • Ms. B's first round of Taste of Germany went extremely well. It sold out within 3 seconds, srsly! But don't be afraid, second round will be coming up soon, and it probably will be green!
Bonus! Cashyie reads an entry of her blog (not available to the public ;-p )! She tells us about our photo shoot for a German management magazine. She also tells us about the imaginary lives of the Munich statues.

We then talk about this particular photo shoot that Cashyie just talked about. How we were supposed to pose, but not look posed. Where we were the photo supposed to turn out (in "sunshine", while we were, in reality, freezing our asses off in drizzling rain). We're not allowed to post the photo yet though...but rest assure, it will come! ;-)

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The next episode probably will come out towards the end of September. Until then, keep knitting!


Episode #07: Fun Filled With Fibre Factoids!

Episode #07: Fun Filled With Fibre Factoids!

Woohoo! Another episode with our nonsense! :-p

We started off by Cashyie trying to eliminate Elemm from the show with high percentage alcohol.

And we have to talk about Tyrolean Mankitten.

Have you been Xlaxin' lately?!

Give you votes on our show notes!!

Thank you to Dharmafey from Socks in the City Podcast. And go listen to Knit Therapy!

What's on or off our needles?

Keep yourself fit while knitting: Go knit at the gym!

Elemm and Ms. B started spinning and Elemm is now hooked on it!

Cashyie had been secretly dyeing yarn with hair-dye.

Learn what "Ass Antlers" are and get those Wollmeise colourway names right.

Ms. B talks about Life in Germany: Working, vacations and holidays here.

Rock Star Husband makes his second appearance on the show for the quiz and he also tells us a story!

Ms. B got some Malabrigo to pet.

Announcements: Benediktbeuern (last announcement), Ms. B's Taste of Germany

Cashyie reads from her secret blog and we talk about our photo shoot with a glossy magazine.

Check out our blog at: or write us an email at: KnittersUncensored (AT) gmail (DOT) com, or check out our group on Ravelry called "Uncensored Knitters"

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