Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Episode #11: Scotch-flavored Condom Filled Christmas

Episode #11: Scotch-flavored Condom Filled Christmas

Ms. B is enjoying her vacation too much and took a loong-ass time to edit and get this out. We were hoping to get this out BEFORE Christmas, but well, we're a little late...

Opening by Ms. B's son. You may or may not understand what he is saying. It was too cute to NOT include it.

What's on or off our needles and Cashyie shares her condom stories

Cashyie gives out Christmas gifts wrapped with unusual wrapping.

Life in Germany - Christmas markets!

German Terms - Elemm deciphers more Wollmeise colors!

Cashie tells us about her potential dates and has a contest for our listeners

We turn the podcast into a debate about getting tested or not, join in the fun!

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Music: "The Greatest Xmas Song Ever Written" by American Heartbreak

Detailed show notes and polls can be found at the following URL:


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