Thursday, November 8, 2007

Episode #09: Someone Kissed a Girl (Show notes)

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Lawdy, sorry that we're so late putting up this episode. You know, life gets in the way some time. ;-) But we're here now, let the digression show begin!

Katia & KylieMac
, when are you guys coming to Munich?! And no, I don't ever think I'd finish my Clapotis, this led us to digress on the merit of having LOTS of WIPs and UFOs on the needles. I started scheming on getting the KnitPicks Harmony Options Needle Set.

Anyway, who do you think has kissed a girl? Yeah, it was me, Elemm, but we'll get to that. And no, I didn't kiss Cashyie or Ms. B! :-p

We also went into discussion about the Long Night of the Munich Museums, which entails a whole load of other Long-Night-Actions here in Munich...

...and promptly we digress again into talking about herpes cold sore. And yes, a Mankitten with cold sore was sticking his tongue down the throats (yes, plural) of other girls at Oktoberfest.

Thank you so much to AuntlyH for the wonderful Yarn Cocktail book she sent us! Then we suddenly digressed into talking about rock climbing and the Flachmann (pocket flask). Also, Ms. B forbade me to knit or spin during recording.

We also got the magazine that did the interview and photo with us......and well, I like the photos, but Ms. B will only allow publication if the photo's cropped and if she's blackened out....soooooo:

KU Blueline Knitting, with Ms. B blackened out
The KU-Gang
All Rights Reserved!
Photo by and on courtesy of Sabine Höroldt for HP's Blue Line Magazine.

So, what's on/off our needles?
So, what's the big deal that I got totally drunk and ended up snogging with a girl? I'm just one more experience richer now. And now I also know what a hangover feels like. ;-) And just for the record: I'm not going to make this a habit (both the drinking too much and snogging a girl).

Life in Germany with Ms. B or actually with all of us. What do we miss most about "home"? I was totally at a loss for the answer, but perhaps food. Cashyie misses the Canadian boys. Ms. B misses food, shopping and later opening hours, TV.

German terms with Elemm, more Wollmeise colourway names:
  • Iris Sibirica = Siberian Iris
  • Farn = Fern
  • Wellensittichvogelfeder = Budgie's feather
  • Rhabarber = Rhubarb
  • Kr√§uterbeet = A bed of herbs
And don't forget to go sign up for the shop update over at Wollmeise Online Shop!

Cashyie reads her Oktoberfest Report.

Elemm went to the Vaterstetten Wool Market. I was kinda disappointed because I actually wanted to get new spindles, but there weren't any, even though on the brochure they were saying that there will be a focus on hand-spinning. I was also playing Wollmeise Groupie and I was also recognised by one listener: Hi Nicole!! The only thing that made up for the missing spindles were the rovings. :-p

Ms. B went to the Knitting & Stitching Show in London. And yes, London is expensive...not just for yarn, but for EVERYTHING! Cashyie didn't seem daunted by it at all. Ms. B also went to Stash and GetKnitted. The tube stations are also hot...and kinda nasty. She also went to the cinema.

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Harlequin said...

No fear bro, snogging girls is way more fun then snogging boys as they all seem better at it.

Proof is offered in the fact that girl always moan about blokes kissing ability, thats on a general level atleast.

I think it's cause they had all those special girl classes in High School I think they actually training them in kissing. Or atleast thats my government conspriacy of the day.

Have loverly days all of you.


Anonymous said...

I've only this week come across your podcast and am still catching up, but I'm really, really enjoying it. I listen during my daily walk, so for the past 3 days I've been walking around my neighborhood alone, laughing out loud. Thanks for a such a great show!

Logan said...

Another great show - thanks! Love the choice of JoCo song - after I heard his "Ikea" on one of your earlier podcasts I ended up purchasing his entire collection, and writing new lyrics to "Code Monkey" - Sock Monkey! As an ode to

Anyway, keep up the fun podcasts. And Elemm - great legs! Love the Mohawk shots.

WonderMike said...

You kids CRACK ME UP. So, a few points to add:

Elemm, I can't believe you said that I hadn't started my Firestarter. I actually did but I suck at it. There's a difference. :-)

Very much enjoyed the podcast. I wish I had been there for Oktoberfest, but I've been blacking out in the Bay Area for you all.