Sunday, November 18, 2007

Episode #10: One Man, One Woman and One Other Woman

Episode #10: One Man, One Woman and One Other Woman

After the record delay in editing last time, I promised to edit this one quickly and up it goes the SAME DAY we recorded. That is a record as well.

Opening by Ms. B and Rock Star Husband. We're freaking hilarious!

What's on or off our needles (and spindles for Elemm)

Life in Germany - What is weird about Germany? When did we consider ourselves expats?

German Terms - Elemm deciphers more Wollmeise colors!

Laugh as Cashyie and Ms. B tries to pronounce those unpronounceable German words.

Ravelry Q&A - What is the weather like in Germany compared to where we're from? What do we think about German food?

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Music: "Junk Mail Never Stops" by Billy Reid (

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RiverCitySTL said...

I loved the entry music...nice work Rockstar husband!

Peachy said...


Actually, that's what Monty Burns on the Simpsons always says in German when he's rubbing his hands.

Also, best grades here in Austria are described with this - Ausgezeichneter Erfolg (when you're among the top of your year, etc).

And yes, with German as my maternal language, listening to your podcast really always makes my day. But in a really really good way! We here in Austria have some kinds of really strange accents, and people who just speak "High German" can never say those words correctly, which is about 10 times more hilarious than your really good German!

And I don't know if Tyrolians really like being compared to Germans, as we Austrians kind of like our uniqueness, and Germany is our big, bad cousin (kind of like the Scottish / English rivalry) - at least if you told someone like me, from the East of Austria, I were like a German, I'd hate you! At least a little ;) But we Viennese are said to be different, anyway, way more morbid and complacent.

Peachy said...

okay, i couldn't let that rest on me, as coming from Vienna -

The Wiener Schnitzel actually comes from Byzantium, dating back to about 400 AD, when the rich people put gold onto their meals, and the not-so-rich ones wanted something looking similar. What we now consider as the Wiener Schnitzel is said to hail from the Milanese area (Italy), and just came to Austria some 200 years ago!

Most dessert dishes typical to the "Altwiener Küche" are from where most of the Viennese people are hailing from - the neighboring countries like Hungary and the Check republic - it's also very visible in the names of people here, you have about 2/3 of not-tyical German names (so Less Müller's and Meier's here), as the families migrated here in the last 7-5 generations, and of course took their cooking traditions with them. Here it's mostly referred to as "Böhmische Küche" (Bohemian, but not in the fresh bohemian, but more like coming from further down towards the Balkans).

And cold winters don't destroy vegetables - we have glass houses therefore! - the same in Germany as in Austria - here we have tons of veggies all over, you must be living in a strange area - Vegetarians and Vegans have it quite easy in Austria. A friend of mine was in the USA about 5 years ago, and she still has a kind of trauma because she said that where she had been (Maryland) there hadn't been any organic veggies. So I guess it really depends on where you're hailing from.

So, end of rant. Still love your podcast ;)

Peachy said...

I'm such an oaf - Czech Republic of course!! sorry!

Whitney said...

I really enjoyed the "movie preview" entry! Very funny and clever. The discussion about being an expat was interesting too, especially for me since I am an American who has lived in Australia for almost 4 years. Personally, being an expat has been more an experience of being one who lives in a country for a certain length of time, not just visiting. Basically when you partake in the native culture, but are still aware of how your own culture (or cultures) are different. So you adapt to the new ways, but not so much as to "become" a 100% member in that new culture. Or at least that is how it has been for me.
Love your podcast! I found you through Lime and Violet and just finished all the archives today. Keep them coming! Whitney aka wtjvet99 on Ravelry

Auntly H said...

Loved the ex-pat discussion. I had an apartment in Vienna, but I also had a return ticket. So, I wasn't an ex-pat, but I definitely did not feel like a tourist, either (despite my abismal language skills).

And one of the things that makes me miss Vienna is the fact that organic food is soooo much more expensive than "conventional" here.

Alex said...

You three guys seem to live in a very strange country... I truly enjoy all your weird stories about Germany, so funny. Food... no vegetables and animals stuffed into animals? Phew, good I made it to Japan on time. Here your food sometimes is still moving when it is being served but at least Japanese grocery stores do carry other green stuff besides potatoes. Not that I really cared for a side dish though, after all I was brought up in Germany... ;)

Helga said...

"peachy" is right: we Tyrolean hate to be compared with German. When I first met my husband (from Switzerland) he made a comment about me being from Bayern. Of course I had to protest heavily and I began to explain to him all the many and important differences between Tirol and Bayern. This discussion led to our marriage - nearly 30 (!) years ago...

WonderMike said...


Soooooooooo loving the last podcast (#10). I just got this. Not sure why it wasn't showing up on my iPod. Annnnnnny way....

1. The intro - Genius. I was laughing at loud at the grocery store.

2. Cachie's German pronunciation RAWKS. Don't let Elemm get away with the sass. I ADORE David Sedaris. Do you have his books on Audio CD????? Please let me know.

3. Ms. B - Your laugh makes me smile. Just ask everyone at Trader Joe's. I beamed the whole shopping expedition.

4. Elemm - So sweet of you to donate both of your Koolhaas Hats. But I knew that you have a big heart.

Big Hugz and Kisses to all of you wonderful Kids. Don't ever stop podcasting.


WonderMike said...

Cashyie, sorry I spelled your ID wrong in my last post. I wish I could edit!!!

Phyllis said...

I loved the new entry and I hope you keep this one it's very appealing even to the non-knitting crowd. My oldest daughter thought you guys were freakin hilarious. They never get into my Podcasts. Great Podcast.