Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Epiosde #09: Someone Kissed a Girl

Episode #09: Someone Kissed a Girl

Oh geez, we cannot just shut up about all things NOT related to knitting. We recorded this more than 2 weeks ago, but Ms. B was super lazy and didn't edit for awhile. But it's finally here!

Find out who kissed a girl and who has herpes!

What's on or off our needles

Life in Germany - What do we miss about our home countries?

German Terms - Elemm deciphers more Wollmeise colors!

Cashyie's Oktoberfest roundup

Vatterstetten and London trip reports


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alala said...

Thanks for another great show, guys! Btw, the hand-holding sweetheart mittens are called - get this - SMITTENS! Isn't that adorable?

Fabienne said...

oh my goodness rocking show, i still don't have high speed net at home after the move and i had to wait a few days to download. it was agony waiting! you guys had me cracking up at work. thank goodness almost everyone was out of the office for hackerly business in the south.

Fabienne said...

oh and i forgot to mention, in berlin we have shops open late (midnight for the large grocery store a block away, sundays for the corner stores), cheap good food (2.50 euro pizzas with great crusts, falafel sandwiches stuffed w/ fresh veggies for 2, other food is incredibly cheap), chunky salsa is findable, and public transport maps that make sense (though berlin's level of clean is not on par w/ munchen). come visit!