Monday, July 9, 2007

Episode #04: The Troubles with Treber (Show notes)

After the delay, we're back with the fourth episode! Contrasting to the last episode, this time we have some knitting contents...but we digress, since that is our specialty. ;-)

We had some technical difficulties during the recording...and this time, it's not to blamed on Elemm's drunkenness (which didn't happen), but only on Ms. B! *LOL*

Let's get on with the show!

Thank you!
Elemm had Stash Enhancing eXperience! And Cashyie was also presented with her pair of hand-knit socks! Hear her delightful squeals on the show! (We actually have pictures as evidence to this, but they all don't do Cashyie's cleavages justice. So, we decided not to include them)

As a thank you to Andy in Amsterdam, we tell you how we ended up being in Germany!

What's on (or off) our needles?
  • Cashyie
    • Noro Kureyon Basket-Weave (she's progressing!)
    • Bottle Garter Stitch Scarves (like the one on Treber in the picture above)
  • Ms. B:
    • Chevron Scarf (going in hibernation and will take a trip to the frog pond)
    • Spring Grass socks (The Little Bunny Foo Foo had been caught)
    • Zokni Socks (FO)
    • Tabi Socks (FO)
    • Vista Mare (aka Billy Reid Socks)
  • Elemm
Life in Germany with Ms. B: This kind of turned into a bit of a rant, but interesting to know anyway. ;-) Did you know that most, if not all Germans just don't know "The Sound of Music"?! Transportations in Germany - tram, trains, bus and cars. Being on the correct side when driving....or on the escalator. Tourists on bikse....*grrrrr* Speed limit on the Autobahn? Who are you kidding?

Does the term "L-cut" means anything to you? Well, now it will! Elemm shares his dating experiences and rants on about one particularly catastrophic one. We digressed again totally to toilet manners. :-p

Watch out for Ms. B's Taste of Germany! Package of yummy German Indie Dyers' yarns! It's a great deal! Keep an eye out for her updates on this!

Cashyie philosophises about the appropriate length of scarves. They should be long enough to give you a warm hug!

Elemm finally got around to talking about his photography tips (NO flash!). Here are the links to the light box construction:
And also watch out for these things:
  • Object to be photographed
  • Composition (rule of three)
  • Lighting source (filling) and the direction (no direct light on the object, be it natural or artificial)
  • Camera settings (white balance, exposure, ISO)
  • Touch-ups with an editing programme (exposure, highlight/brighten the dark areas, colours/RGB)
  • Benediktbeuern Textile Market (22nd-23rd September 2007): Biggest textile market in Germany. Meet the Wollmeise in person! Fondle her gorgeous yarns before making the purchase. There will be a sock-workshop with Yarnissima, the designer of Digitessa! The Knitters Uncensored Team will be there and we all will be having a PJ-Knit-Party! Two places left: Please, confirm or cancel at the latest by 20th July 2007! (latest detail)
  • Elemm and Cashyie are going to the Kocherlball on 15th July 2007, want to join us? If you're around and want to get up at the crack of dawn to go see people dance in traditional costumes, well, then give us a yell!
  • Email us if you want to knit Billy Reid a pair of socks! It'll be fun and if there are enough people, we'll do a proper KAL!
  • Hank Wankers, now with a step-by-step tutorial! (Please, don't laugh at Elemm's crazy facial expressions on the photo tutorial)
  • Support Annie Modesitt and her family. Make sure you go visit the We Love Annie site!
  • CONTEST!!!! Tell us your best toilet stories or why you deserve to win a bottle of toilet drops and some stitch markers!
As usual, you can leave us a comment here or write us and email at:

KnittersUncensored (AT) gmail (DOT) com

This week's music is provided by the Podsafe Music Network: Jonathan Coulton's "Ikea"

Hope you enjoyed this episode as much as the other ones! Have a great week!


Ps. Y'all should get yourselves a bottle of Toilet Drops. It really works!!! Like Magic!!! I now can say: "I'll never leave my house again without my Toilet Drops!"

Pps. You know how weird it is talking/writing about yourself in third person? *LOL*


alala said...

squeeee! A new KU! I'll listen after the rugrats are in bed, so as not to be interrupted.

Query: can I hotlink the KU logo on my blog, or would you rather I put it on my own server?

Bev Love said...

I have a request. There is some confusion regarding the correct pronunciation of Zephyr Jaegerspun. Could you please give the pronunciation on one of your podcasts? Thank you.
paletpc on Ravelry

kniteurope said...

To answer your question, I met "Wool Daddy" at freshman orientation for university. I'll wait while you all *awww*. Haha. Anyways, yeah, we've been together for 4.5 years and he is very supportive of my yarn habit. He's a great catch, lol.

Another photography tip: set a self timer (even if it's only for 2 seconds) so that you don't get movement from you pressing the button in the picture. It works great when I remember to do it.

Stariel said...

Hi guys! Love your podcast. :)

I am totally interested in the Taste of Germany, although I don't know about this silk stuff. Can I just have MORE SOCK YARN? If not I'm sure I can find someone to pawn it off on. ;)

Or if you guys ever want to swap German sock yarn for American stuff let me know - I have pretty easy access to lots at my LYSs.

Michael said...

I've always gone with making scarves as long as the wearer is tall.

Another fun show, folks.

alala said...

Great show, guys, and here is my attempt to win the toilet drops:

I neeeeeed them! Because I have sons! And not the cute little, huggy little sons like Ms B has (muahahaha, just you wait, Ms B), but the large, stinky kind who have giant feet and do sports and think that bathing is for sissies. And? AND, the unventillated bathroom is right next to my office! I keep telling them to use the downstairs toilet, but usually by the time I mention it, it's too late. You can imagine how I suffer as a result. So the toilet drops are not for me, but for my children.

Please. Think of the children.

GaietyGirl said...

KU rocks my socks!
I'm just eternally grateful for headphones so that I can listen in privacy at work :)

Carla said...

Yes, yes, yes, me, me, me blue german sock club/kit!!!!!!!!

Tyler said...

I'm a spinner! I would totally love to give a demo, it just depends when it is exactly, and how much hotel room would cost, all that fun stuff. But it totally sounds fun! I am your spinning help!

Kelly said...

I would LOVE to win some Toilet Drops for the Yarn Store at which I work... we have several customers who VISIT our "necessarium" every they shop. And, although we appreciate their patronage, we dont appreciate, well, you know....

We have considered putting up a sign that says "Our Customers are #1! So please dont give us #2..."

Think of the YARN!!!!


Tini said...

great episode :) helped my while lying in bed with severe headaches... I soooo want to come to Benediktbeuren!
And I would need toilet drops for that because with the Deutsche Bundesbahn it would take me between 9-10 hrs to get there (3 changes of trains and 119 Euro per tour btw...and I AM IN GERMANY! ) and have you ever been to the toilets in the Deutsche Bundesbahn?

Jersey Shore Deb said...

I would definitely consider "A Taste of Germany." I've heard so many good things about Sheepaints and Wollemeise (did I spell it right?)
And if it doesn't count toward my yarn diet, I'm all for it!

Joe in Indiana (USA) said...

Another fun podcast. I saw Elemm's post about the premier of KU on, and I'm glad he mentioned it. Always fun to listen to you.

Nan said...

Listened to you guys for the first time today and loved it! I lived in Oberursel, Germany fifteen years or so ago and listening to you brings back really good memories. Wish I had knitted more when I lived there!

Zarzuela said...

Hi there,

I just recently found your show and I love it! Tons of fun. :) The section about how life in Germany differs from the states is really interesting, not to mention all the yummy yarn talk. Keep up the great work!


stephen said...

I want to be in the Taste of Germany. I love kaesespaetzle, so I'd love the yarn, ja?

I'll save my Toilet Drops entry for email... watch your inbox.

I'm glad I'm known as the guy who'd understand l/cut and to recommend the Clap to Cashyie.

Make one. You know, in addition to being hug-length, fingertip to fingertip is one's height?

Eek It's a Meeka! said...


I just wanted to comment and say I'm thoroughly enjoying the podcast. I finally got a chance to catch up since I'm lying in bed recovering from surgery and the only downside is trying not to bust some stitches with the mad giggles.

I'd also be interested in the Taste of Germany. I've been trying to bribe my German non-knitting friends to search for yarns for me for years, but this has been problematic because they just don't know where to look. Plus they apparently don't like to ask about anything (including lost packages of stuff I send them at great expense to myself!), which is frustrating. So yeah, count me in! :)

I was gonna post my story for your contest here, but it was potentially a bit too "graphic" for some people. In the interests of not turning some peoples' stomachs, I won't. My public service of the day.

Woman who knits said...

I'm VERY interested in the Taste of Germany kits!!!!!

I'm all caught up on the podcast . . so get recording folks!!! I've got 11wks until my 2nd baby is due and starting to get cranky. I need a good laugh and you guys are delivering that.

Thanks for such a great podcast!!

belle7171 said...

I'll throw in my Toilet Drops story...I was dating my husband and after a bad Japanese food experience, I needed him to stop at Burger King for me to use the facilities. As I was in there, my husband saw an employee enter the bathroom, then come out immediately, complaining, waving her hands, and speaking loud spanish. Keeps us laughing to this day!

Kathy said...

Sock kit sounds great! Give us some more details! I don't have access to much in person, but can get almost anything on the internet....except those German yarns, ha, actually, I just don't know what to pick.

Susan M. said...

Here's why I need toilet drops.
I have 3 kids, one of whom is a potty-training two year old girl. My other two are boys, and if you know anything about boys, they are rather stinky creatures.
Last week my kids needed to use the bathroom at a grocery store. A gentleman had gone into the bathroom just before us. Unfortunately, the longer he took, the worse I knew it would smell in there.
I let my 7 year old son go in first, and he usually never comments on smelliness. Even he reported how bad it smelled in there.
I then had to take my 2 year old daughter in and help her go potty. Fortunately, living with 3 boys/men in the house, I've learned not to breathe through my nose when I suspect particularly stinky rooms!
The toilet drops would have really helped that day.

Liz said...

I would love Taste if Germany. I lived there for 10 years (we moved back to the US in '92) I don't speak much German, but some day, I will make it back for a long visit. So I love anything German (I would kill for kindereggs!)

As for the toilet drops, I could desperately use them! I have IBS and spend much time in the bathroom. But more importantly, my 6 yr old daughter would love you forever if you sent them.

See...she has an extremely sensitive nose. After my hubby has done his smelly ass business, she goes into the bathroom and comes running out gagging. Sometimes, she actually spews a little. Poor thing!

Marietta said...

tini turned me onto you guys and i am loving your podcast! I have been wantintg to get my hands on some wollmeise for ages - love her free patterns on her blog! and since i have lived in germany and austria i feel a bit homesick listneing to your gemrnay adventures - hey don;t forget, you all can buy sockyarn at the grocery store when in a pinch! (at least at my local edeka and familia you could :) can't wait to catch up and listen to number 5!