Monday, July 9, 2007

Episode #04: The Trouble with Treber

Episode #04: The Trouble with Treber

Woohoo! Finally episode #04 is here!!! Extra long to make up for the lateness (thanks to Ms. B) *LOL* This episode was greased up with the help of treber grappa as usual. ;-)

Shout-outs and Thank yous: Damknit, Knit Europe, Holly (Blogless), Peech Purls, Andy in Amsterdam, ScoutJ, Sheepaints, Das Schneeschaf

Elemm had some serious S.E.X.

How did the Knitters Uncensored ended up in Germany?

What's on (or off) our needles?

Ms. B talks about Life in Germany: They don't know "The Sound of Music", transportation in Germany

Elemm recounts his numerous dates...and one particularly horrific one

Ms. B gives you a "Taste of Germany"

Cashyie philosophises about the appropriate length of hand-knit scarves

Elemm reveals his tricks to getting some stunning photos of yarn porn

Announcements as usual: Benediktbeuern, Kocherlball, Billy Reid KAL, Hank Wanking Tutorial, We Love Annie Modesitt

Contest! Tell us your best bathroom story or tell us why you deserve to win a bottle of Toilet Drops and some gorgeous stitch markers!

Check out our blog at: or write us an email at: KnittersUncensored (AT) gmail (DOT) com

Closing Music: "IKEA" by Jonathan Coulton, brought to you by the Podsafe Music Network (

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Tini said...

gnarf... my laptop is still to be serviced... no itunes... I HAVE TO WAIT.... argh

Tyler said...

I'm a spinner! I would totally love to give a demo, it just depends when it is exactly, and how much hotel room would cost, all that fun stuff. But it totally sounds fun! I am your spinning help!

omly said...

I had to laugh about your description about escalator etiquette, because it is exactly the same way in Boston. God forbid you stood on the left during commuting hours in particular. You could get trampled down :)