Sunday, August 12, 2007

Episode #06: Jaeger...Spun Out of Control (Show Notes)

We're getting better at putting out loooooooooooooooonng episodes. :-p

I was caught off-guard introducing myself. Anyway, I missed out on CSD, i.e. the Gay Pride, just to record for you guys! Cashyie wants me to do a wet T-Shirt contest, just because it was raining...but I've got a cold. Then I started talking about this edible knit-underwear, but opted for Jaegermeister instead, a "H"erbal liqueur.

Thank you to ScoutJ for dyeing up a special colourway for the Knitters Uncensored: "South Tyrolean Mankitten in Lederhosen"! And Ms. B talks about cost limit at custom and the strategy to get off it....we digressed and started talking about the Euro Blazer, BH ("Büstenhalter" = bra) and "Becher"= beaker. Don't get them mixed up!

What's on/off the needles?
  • Ms. B:
    • Montego Bay Scarf (FO)
    • Started another Montego Bay Scarf
    • Vista Mare aka Billy Reid Socks (she's going to submit the pattern to Knitty!)
    • Secret Project (technically FO)
(We started digressing again and talked about the merits of knitting Montego Bay Scarf with MariSilk, e.g. from Sheepaints or Das Schneeschaf...and Ms. B is still dealing yarns to Cashyie and to me.)
  • Cashyie:
    • Montego Bay Scarf using "South Tyrolean Mankitten in Lederhosen", see picture above (FO)
    • Started another Montego Bay Scarf (Seriously! We're Montego Bay Scarf mad!)
    • Frogged some of the Periodic Table swatches
(Another digression: Taking your shoes off to show off your hand-knit socks in bars)

We then discuss about needle sizes in Germany...they don't do half-sizes after 6 mm....We keep going back to the our craze about Montego Bay I decided to cast on for mine! (It's been cast on and I've knit quite a bit already. I decided to call it the "Monte Carlo Scarf").

German Terms with Elemm (don't get these two terms mixed up!):
  • Schwul = gay, homosexual
  • Schwül = muggy, sticky weather
Ms. B got me around to talk a bit of Thai on the now you should be able to say: "New wood doesn't burn", and "Who sells the chicken egg?" *LOL* We also get around to talking Italian, courtesy of Cashyie...and you should be able to say:
  • Ciao
  • Buon Giorno
  • Ho bisogno di molti soldi
Life in Germany with Ms. B, who finds out that she can exercise while knitting! But that's not what she wants to talk about this time. Bills here are done directly with the bank. Payments are done either with cash or through Überweisung, a bank transfer. And watch out how you sign up for those credit cards! The process of going through those German bureaucracies.

Cashyie watched German TV....and I revealed to her and Ms. B that some talk shows and courtroom shows don't use the real people, but they hire actors, especially the courtroom shows due to the privacy protection. I don't know what happens then, but Cashyie starts talking about going to Speed Dating and I'll probably be going with her.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show in Munich is supposed to be the longest running one...and apparently, they also sell packaged props to throw and the show is supposedly "tame". *LOL* Or we can go see the show in Paris and join up with Katia & Kylie Mac.

Getting back to Life in Germany, Ms. B talks about the fact that the utility costs here are included in the rent (warm or cold rent. Warm is included, cold is excluded). But some places do it differently. And you'll have to pay surplus at the end of the year if you used too much, or you get money back if you use less than you've paid. Of course, Ms. B ends up having to pay more since her place is kept at tropical temperature during the winter.

You swipe your card and your fingerprints get scanned to go and rent out a DVD at the machine. They also charge by the hour you rent the DVD for.

And then we talk about Pfand, or the deposit on cans and bottles. Turned out that our first show guest from last episode, Christine, carried that empty can of Coke from Ms. B around with her through Germany, because Ms. B told her not to throw it away, since it costs EUR 0.25! There aren't many canned beers around anymore...if any at all.

We also have a new segment, where we pick on the Non-Knitters. Our new show guest, Ms. B's Rock Star Husband!!! We will be looking for new participants to pick on in the watch out, all ye non-knitters out there!

At some point during the quiz, we got around to brainstorming about writing a Whodunnit about Ravelry....we also reached the consent that the Wollmeise is THE German Indie-Dyer. And Lily Chin has the same birthday as me!!!!

How much should you ask for a hand-knit item? Since I've been commissioned with two pairs of socks, I'm at a lost about what price I should ask for. I need to earn some money, but I don't want to sound too steep by asking for too much. How much do you think a hand-knit item should cost? Leave a comment or write us an email at:

KnittersUncensored (at) gmail (dot) com

or discuss about it on our Uncensored Knitters Ravelry Group! (In some broken weak moment, Cashyie and Ms. B thought they could take advantage over my stash and buy off my beloved way! I'm a yarn hoarder.)

  • Benediktbeuern Textile Market (22nd-23rd September 2007): Biggest textile market in Germany. Meet the Wollmeise in person! Fondle her gorgeous yarns before making the purchase. There will be a sock-workshop with Yarnissima, the designer of Digitessa! The Knitters Uncensored Team will be there and we all will be having a PJ-Knit-Party! All places are filled already and we will start organising the details soon. So, watch out for an email in the coming week! The list of participants are:
  • Secrets of Chrysopolis, another mystery KAL (in German)!
  • Ms. B's Taste of Germany: The first round will be "Blue". There will be 10 places to grab (okay, 9, since Cashyie is ready to pounce on one set). This will be on the first-come-first-serve basis, so keep a look out on Ms. B's Blog for announcement...and I guess it's also going to be announced here, too. Here's the rough content of the package:
    • Fingering-weight yarn (100% superwash merino) from Wollmeise
    • MariSilk (light fingering) or fingering-weight yarn by Sheepaints (MariSilk or fingering-weight depending on the series)
    • MariSilk (light fingering) or fingering-weight yarn by Das Schneeschaf (MariSilk or fingering-weight depending on the series)
    • Merino-Silk-Ramie mix fingering-weight yarn by Drachenwolle
    • Fingering-weight yarn (100% superwash merino) by
You can leave us a comment here or contact us via email:

KnittersUncensored (at) gmail (dot) com

or come and join us at our Uncensored Knitters Ravelry Group!

This week's music is brought to you by "Effeminate Boyfriend" by Blu, in honour of the CSD!

Hope you enjoyed our banters in this episode! Have a great week and keep knitting!!



Auntly H said...

Another great episode! Thanks for making my second Monday back at work tolerable. I was happily distracted by the knitter vs. non-knitter quiz while fixing inaccurate floor plans.

(p.s. my verification word is "gewky" I would like a definition of that, please.)

Rachelle (aka sparkybunny) said...

I haven't gotten to listen to the new ep yet but I have to say that I LOVE the podcast, especially that it is so long because I have an hour commute every morning and night and it makes the driving bearable.

Also, I just got my Ravelry invite this morning and one of the first things I did was join y'all's group!

Brenda in San Mateo said...

Thanks for the discussion about the Montego Bay Scarf! I was on the commuter Caltrain going home tonight from San Francisco and knitting my Montego Bay scarf with Handmaiden's Sea Silk, so it was fun to hear you are knitting them too in Germany. You all make me laugh, and it's so fun to hear about life in Germany. Thanks so much!

Stephen said...

You kids know about Underberg, yes?

>Boisson du next podcast?

Anonymous said...

I love you. no, really, I absolutely love you.

Sharon said...

Your new intro song rocks, and the quiz really brightened my commute. Thanks!

Sonia said...

Love your podcast!!! I wish the picture showed Cashyie's scarf a little more. Would love to see how that colorway knitted especially with that bit of blue) you can only get a little idea from the pic. My husband and I would love to go to Germany someday and so its so neat to hear the Life in Germany segment.

Anonymous said...

You can buy 6.5mm and 7.5 mm needles here in the UK. I have some Prym, some Inox and some Pony's so I do not know why you cannot get them in Germany.

projektleiterin said...

BH=Büstenhalter, not Busenhalter. :D Oh my god, that is too funny. :D

Jessica said...

I gotta second sparkybunny's comment, thanks for doing a longer podcast. My commute usually takes up half the podcast, so I get a good laugh before and after work. I made the mistake of listening to your first episode on the bus, and everyone kept looking at my like I was a loony for laughing out loud to myself!

Esoteric Knitter said...

Great episode. I'm so happy to say that I've finally had a chance to catch up and listen to all the shows. You guys are so funny! :)

Marietta said...

Servus! Finally got to listen to the latest podcast - wow that was long! Should have had Jaeger with you while listening to the podcast - but then would have been in a coma by the end :)Am sad to see episode 7 delayed.

elemm - when knitting on comission, charging by yard(meter) on top of the cost of yarn, is a good rule of thumb.

can't ewait for the next podcast!

Kimberly said...

Hi guys!
I just finished listening to your podcast while jogging this morning. Loved it! Of course. I wish I could come with Fabienne to meet you but not this time.
Oh and there is also another mystery shawl knit by going on you might want to announce-
Just thought you might want to know. :)

PamUdom said...

Hi! I loved the Thai bits! Hearing non-Thai's trying to speak Thai always makes me laugh (like my husband).