Monday, May 28, 2007

Episode #1: Socks on a Beach

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketEpisode #1: Socks on a Beach

Our first episode!

We introduce ourselves, talk about the birth of this podcast, how we started to knit.

What's on our needles? Elemm helps you decipher those German ball bands. Ms. B talks about Bread and the squishiness of it all. Cashyie shares her Stash Enhancing eXperience tips.

There are yarns to be won.

WWKIP-Day, come and join us in Munich on 9th June 2007

Music produced and sung by Ms. B and her DH. As well as Deirdre Flint's "The Bridesmaid Dress"!

You can find the show notes under the following URL:


Jennie said...

Great podcast guys! :)

Holly said...

What fun - Müchen in October. I should come and find you.

Midnight2sticks said...

I am downloading right now! I am very excited to you hear you guys!


Jennie said...

HMMM, I’m gonna go with a silly response. She works in a secret biochemistry lab where she masterminds the diabolical infusion of cashmere and acrylic yarns while using the podcast to spread the word of such a blend. J

Charles said...

Such great magnificent kintting podcast!!
I been reading youguys blog longist time...I injoyed alot!

We are in knitting community, being knitter around the world it is good thing to share with such great knitting storys and support the knitter@

Keep up the good work youguys and looking forward to listen exciting fun knitting for us!!

Great Supporter~

dorothee said...

Hey guys,
what's up for KIP-day? I totally forgot to ask you on Sunday. Going to download now - looking forward to listening!

Charles said...

NOW anwering the Q.:

I guess she is bacteriologist.
She works with tube of lot of bug and germ... Find out what baceria cause by cocoon killed by each year or figure it out silkworms are stop produce slik yarns so knitter suffer from no slik yarn for there shawls?


Fabienne said...

Hi elem and bockstark and ms. cashmyie, the podcast is teh r0x0rs! i am going to guess that miss cashmyie is a research scientist in a secret time travel machine lab that requires total darkness. thus the vintage horn-rimmed glasses from the past and the lack of a view. :)

Lynn said...

I'm so glad you guys took the plunge. I'm off to listen. :)

Tini said...

Cookies from Kiel.
Loved the podcast and hearing Ms.B esp :)
Cashmyie, sorry the only male person in Munich I know is not straight (but pretty cute ;)) but I can keep an eye open up here :) you know, Scandinavian guys are darn cute too (lets hope the husbandperson does not read this)
o.k. here are my answers to your question:
first the boring answer: I guess Ms. C is working in a lab at the Max-Planck Institute in the Halbleiter Institute.
And now for the better part, the one I imagined (listen to Anne of Green Gables on
Ms. C is working in a lab, where a female activist group are trying to decipher best way to arrange genes to get a perfect husband/boyfriend :) you know, one that does all the house work, admires whatever art you are making, etc and still be very manly ;)

Anonymous said...

Rock on, Seattleites! (Okay, and everyone else, too...) I'm really enjoying listening to this.

You're all invited up here to do a review of the Yarn Mecca (and we should invade Wolle Roedel, too.)

omly said...

Great first episode! I only wished you had started sooner so that I would have known to visit you all when we were in Germany at the end of April.

My guess is a chemist, though I know lots of other people use fumehoods. This is very biased on that german organic compound encyclopedia they used to make us use as undergrads. Of course none of us spoke german at the time so we all just knew what letter "melting point", etc started with so you could look up the information.

Susan said...

Great show! I enjoyed it. You had the perfect balance between tangental conversation and finishing all topics.

I really want Cashyie to be some sort of snake charmer, but I'm more inclined to think she's involved in research, probably in chemistry or physics or something.

Looking forward to the next show!

Phoebe said...

Loved the podcast...what a great blend of personalities and knitting experience. Can't wait for the next episode and then I can automatically download from iTunes!
My guess is that along with everyone else Cashacrylic works in a lab but I believe she is analyzing snakes to extract venom for a new and improved cosmetic rejuvenation treatment...the new and improved Botox. (Afterall the botulinum toxim was discovered by a German physician and this would also explain Cash's subconscious need to only knit honor of the garter snake.)

kniteurope said...

As an Expat in northern Bavaria, I really enjoyed the podcast!

Being one who also works with a fume hood, I would obviously say it is in the natural sciences of some kind. Chemists use fume hoods more often than biologists, so I'll lean in that direction. How about you are a food chemist trying to make the squishy bread with preservatives that Germans won't be afraid of?

(and no windows in the lab? mine at least has a view of the apartment building next door...)

Bob Scoverski said...

Good Grief! How old is this Ms. B person. She started knitting before the internets!