Sunday, November 25, 2007

Episode #10: One Man, One Woman and One Other Woman (Show Notes)

Sorry I took forever to write up this episode's show notes. I was finishing off my last seminar paper, which has already been handed in. So now I can concentrate on just knitting, spinning and podcasting really working on my diploma thesis. ;-) So, mea culpa, seems like I swapped place in with Ms. B this time putting things up. ;-)

Well, what did you think about our new intro? Ms. B and Rock-Star Husband rock, eh? And for some reason, I just sounded so chirpy doing the welcome.

What's on/off our needles?
  • Cashyie:
    • Red My So-Called Scarf (FO)
    • Another MSCS in Wolle Rödel "Arizona"
    • Cashyie's own design Mittens (FO)
    • Montego-Bay Treber Scarf (FO)
    • Knitted Fibre Optic Lamp
We digressed quite a bit here about drying acrylic in the dryer, Cashyie got a sewing machine and then her dating on the net! ;-) And if you notice the squeaking sound, that's Cashyie knitting on her Arizona MSCS!

Belated Happy Birthday to Mike from Socktopus (not the yarn shop)!!!

Life in Germany: What do we think is weird in Germany?
  • Ms. B thinks that when they have construction going on on a building and they put a ginormous poster with the picture of the building on the scaffolding. Also, take aways, especially Chinese take aways here come in styrofoam box with sealed foil on it.
  • I think that the Schwäbische Kehrwoche (German Wiki link, for English, try this one) itself is kind of funny.
  • Cashyie had people moving her furnitures around when they came over to her place for a party. But she finds it sweet that Germans would go the extra mile for you.
We kind of launched into the levels of friendship here in Germany. How you actually earn the title of a real friend and then enter into the circle of friends. Comparing between Germans, Tyroleans and Italians. ;-)

Also Q&A from Katia & KylieMac: When do you consider yourself an expat and not a tourist?
  • Ms. B feels that she feels like an expat when she first moved in to her apartment with Rock-Star Husband here in Munich.
  • Apparently, I'm neither and expat nor a tourist anymore, but more like an immigrant....although I could still be booted out any time.
  • Cashyie feels like a European anyway, growing up in the multicultural Canada....even in Canada, she already feels like an expat.

Wollmeise colourway names:
  • Suzanne
  • Pfauenauge = Peacock feather
  • Tiefer See = Deep Lake
  • Pfefferminz Prinz = Prince Peppermint
  • Vergissmeinnicht = Forget Me Not
  • Am kalten Polar = At the cold polar
Cashyie was requested to pronounce some fun German words:
  • Gemütlichkeit = cosiness
  • schrecklich = awful, appalling
  • fürchterlich = horrible, dreadful
  • übermäßig = excessive, excessively, exceedingly
  • Frühstück = breakfast
  • ausgezeichnet = excellent, distinguished, "kick-ass"
Ravelry Q&A:
  • What's the weather in Germany like comparing to our home countries?
    • For me, coming from Thailand, we got only humidity and the three seasons we have are: Hot, Hotter and the Hottest. :-p
    • For Ms. B, she used to live in Seattle, so she likes the mild temperature all year round.
    • Cashyie talks about the extreme temperatures....especially the fact that you can really shock freeze your exposed skin in the matter of seconds! Scary!
  • What about German food?
    • I eat everything! Love all food! And someone at work asked me seriously whether I've tried the cow udders. *urgh*
    • Ms. B doesn't like German food that much...especially those jelly sausages. Weird meat stuff just freaks her out....and she thinks that Germans aren't very big on veggies, it's all about meat, potatoes and bread. ;-)
    • Cashyie pretty much likes everything, too.
I also presented Christmas presents for Cashyie:

Kolenyas #09 for Cashyie
Originally uploaded by elemmaciltur.

And for Ms. B:

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We were just about to close when I blabbered about my prospective boyfriend. ;-p And I know you're listening!

This week's music is "Junk Mail Never Stops" by Billy Reid!

Until the next episode, keep knitting!!!!



Wendee said...

LOVED the intro! However you still got me with the jingle at the end...

caruba said...

Fantastic! That was wonderful, especially when you guys keep talking about life in Germany ;)

- caruba

Lauren said...
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Tracy_the_astonishing said...

That paper man outfit rules.

pinkknitting said...

Hey! Loved the show! I thought that I might help you out on the "Weisswurst" issue: True bavarians eat it for breakfast (like brunch), it is cut on a plate and the reason that you do not eat the skin is because while most sausages are in a chemical casing, Weisswurst is still made out of real pig-intestine. You can eat it but it's kind of disgusting.

But definatly loving the podcast and you make me miss home (I grew up in Bamberg)!

Much love.