Monday, July 30, 2007

Episode #05: To Dye For, Dahling (Show Notes)

I'm sorry that this episode came out late. That's why it's extra long...and we have our first show guest!! Due to the release of a certain book, I had to cancel the recording that was scheduled for last week to this week. We then digressed about talk shows and reined back to talking about the book...including the competition on Adam Knits! (already over) So, you know what book we are talking about, right? ;-) (And on my own personal side note: I so want to have THIS!) I ranted on about spoilers on the internet...and Ms. B ranted about people sneezing on her in the cinema.

Talking about cinema...we might go see The Rocky Horror Picture Show here in least we talked about it. And I plugged the Katia & KylieMac Podcast yet again.

I also started to talk about Damknit Podcast. She's doing this survey and so you should go and DO IT! And then I did some shameless self-advertising about the interview in gave (in German) to and Sueddeutsche Zeitung Jetzt...and we discussed whether knitting is only for grandmas?

Germans have to learn to knit/crochet in school (don't know whether they're still doing it now) and Ms. B got really excited because this means her boys will have to learn to knit. It's important, isn't it?! Cashyie talked about ballroom dancing at her work place and I want to learn!!!!

We digressed a bit into talking about Brooklyn Tweed's Noro Scarf.

What's on or off the needles?
  • Ms. B still pretty much has the same stuff on the needles:
  • I, Elemm also still has pretty much the same projects:
  • Cashyie:
    • Cast on for a new scarf
    • Periodic Table Knit (too good for Mankittens)
Life in Germany with Ms. B is going great. This time she talks about "living" in Germany....about how I went to the Kocherlball, whilst Cashyie didn't make it because she was under the influence....she made up for it though with chocolate. We talk about the living situation in Germany, owning vs. renting a place and the price of it all; how all rooms are separated and have doors on them. Finding a place to live in Munich and paying a fee for finding agency. (Cashyie chimes in with the description of her dodgey apartment.) Having your name on the doorbell; laundry in Germany....and "platform toilets"! (You know us, we can't steer away from toilets!)

German terms with Elemm:
  • Zephyr Jaegerspun
  • der Pullover / der Pulli = Sweater, Pullover
  • die Veste = vest
  • die Strickjacke = cardigan
  • die Jacke = jacket
  • der Pullunder = slipover
  • die Socke(n) = sock(s)
  • Highlight -->*Scheiße = shit*
  • Highlight -->*Arschloch = asshole*
Cashyie got a marriage proposal from a listener! Now she's going to do a yarn swap with him!

Ms. B and Elemm had their first dyeing experiences!! Ms. B tried it before I did. Cashyie recognises the competitive streak between me and Ms. B. And for your information, I used more or less this Kettle Dye Tutorial, you can read about it HERE.

Ms. B starts dealing yarns and other goodies. She also received this HUMONGOUS package from Cauchy09. Apart from that, Ms. B also re-started sewing again. She made these extremely cute project bags!

  • Benediktbeuern Textile Market (22nd-23rd September 2007): Biggest textile market in Germany. Meet the Wollmeise in person! Fondle her gorgeous yarns before making the purchase. There will be a sock-workshop with Yarnissima, the designer of Digitessa! The Knitters Uncensored Team will be there and we all will be having a PJ-Knit-Party! All places are filled! You can find the list HERE. We will talk about how to get there soon.
  • Join our Uncensored Knitters Group on Ravelry!
  • Go and listen to a new podcast: PassioKnits.
  • Toilet Drop & Stitch Marker Contest Winner: Congratulations to Alala! Contact us and so we can get your toilet drop and stitch markers out to you!
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KnittersUncensored (AT) gmail (DOT) com

Or leave us a comment here on the blog! Or contact us over at our group on Ravelry. You can send Ms. B or me (Elemm) a message over at Ravelry, too!

We also have our first show guest! Please welcome: Christine from the Pointy Sticks Podcast! Find out why she hasn't been podcasting. Go visit her photography website: FreshPhotography and her other site! She's trying to start a sock for her trip (which she actually started later after the recording - and she's knitting with Opal).

Music for this week:

"Places People Hide Their Money" by Ridel High (lead singer is Kevin Ridel, who was in a band with Rivers Cuomo of Weezer and Ms. B's Rock Star Husband back in their hey-days, and is now in the band AMRadio)...and remember to substitute the word "money" with "yarn" ;-)

Hope you enjoyed this extra long episode! Until the next episode....Keep knitting!



alala said...

another fab show guys, aaannnndd...

1) Thank you for me winning the contest! My boys aren't teenaged yet (5 months and counting), but goatlike indeed, even though I make them bathe once a year whether they need it or not.

2) Yes, Ms B, your boys will have to knit! Mine did, when he was about 8 I think.

3) I forget what 3 was, but when I remember I will tell you, if only to continue my apparent habit of leaving multiple comments for each entry.

4) Very perceptive bit on the shit-shelf, easily my LEAST favorite thing about living in Germany.

Katia said...

Plugs! Love plugs! You guys rock :)
DO go and see the rocky horror picture show in munich ! that would be the BEST fun!

Annkari said...

Elemm, didn't you know that we try to keep knitting a secret here in Germany? And then you go ahead and talk to the papers about it. No wonder you get hatemail!

Just kidding of course, I have no idea why anybody would attack you like that. You're our knitting superstar, after all!

Thanks to all of you for another very entertaining episode.

scorpiosity said...

For Rocky Horror, you will need, at the very least:
water guns

You also might want to brush up on your stage yelling of "whore," "a@@hole," and "no-neck ba**ard"

Have fun! It is a great experience, but don't let anyone know that you are virgins once you get there...

jessd said...

Yeah tired science grad. students who do feel the need to gauge! I feel a little guilty about listening to the pod cast, like I am evesdropping, but love it.

Uu.knits said...

As a German knitter I am between amused and amazed to listen to your observations and hypotheses on my home country. I find myself itching to correct some of them, but that would certainly spoil the fun for us all so I won't. ;-)
You might want to enlarge your treasury of curse words though: of _course_ we have a German equivalent for f**k: it is just so abusive that maybe your German friends wouldn't admit to knowing it. But try and throw in a 'verfickt und zugenäht' in your next discussion and see what happens!

bockstark.knits said...

Uu.knits: oh please, oh please do correct us! we are all expats and can therefore not know as much as a person who grew up here. we only can make assumptions by observing. so please comment or send us an email of what we got wrong. i'm actually kind of curious now!!!

--Ms. B

Uu.knits said...

Oh Ms B., another very cute German word is 'Korinthenkacker' (nitpicker?, look up the literal translation of the German word, I don't know it unfortunately, but it's hilarious! and fits very well with platform toilets), which is not what I want to be. :-(
I like the assumptions you make and your expat views on Germany and don't want to make you self-conscious. And then my home-grown ovservations may be just as skewed as yours, right?
And you don't get things 'wrong' (except for the German f**k-equivalent which I already remarked) so don't worry ...
And btw. you are _very_ right about platform toilets, small fridges and combined washers/dryers - they all drive me crazy as well!

Andy B said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Andy B said...

The shop in Amsterdam that Christine mentioned is Egg Mercantile ( I was riding home on my bike, having just purchased a skein of Manos, when I was listening to that episode. I'll have to tell them that they were sort of mentioned on a knitting podcast. They'll like that.