Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Episode #12: The Catch-up Special

Episode #12: The Catch-up Special

We're baaaaack! This is an episode that gets you caught up on what we did on our break. Ms. B went to the states and bought lots of yarn. Elemm bought a spinning wheel and worked. Cashyie started knitting socks and joined Ravelry.

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Music: "Tom Cruise Crazy" by Jonathan Coulton

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Erin said...

Bwahahaha, that song has been on my iPod for months! "You'd be the only man on earth, who couldn't enjoy Tom Cruise!"

WonderMike said...

Hello My Dears,
What a lovely breath of fresh air the new p-cast was today. It was nice to hear your voices and tales of the holidays. Glad to hear that Cashyie has been assimilated by the sock-borg. And that Elemm finally has a niddy noddy. And that Kris got to geek out with Wendee and visit yarn stores across the contintental and pacific states.

That ending song is perfection!!


p.s. I'm prepping for Stitches West...

Courtney said...

Another great cast... I have missed you all so. :-) Thank you guys for the entertainment :) I really enjoy listening.

Charles said...


Same as Erin..Iam singing along wen podcast in on..Really funny that it's in my head and keeping saying myself KU theme song!
Anyway...It was great cast and just let youguys know., I send youguys a little gift! It will Elem's mail box soon as package soon as by next week!

Talking about Ms. B came back from Hawaii...Just little story of my self...I grow up in Honolulu, Hawaii ontil middle school. Still has great childhood memory.


Me ka mahalo(Sincerely yours),