Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Benediktbeuern! Getting serious!!!!

Okay, I have about 8-10 people who are interested in coming to BB with us. I've emailed and ask about availabilities for a place to stay at Zentrum für Umwelt und Kultur Benediktbeuern for 10 people. Just got an answer from them.

They have 5 doubles available for the 22nd-23rd September, which means we can have 10 people coming. It costs EUR 29.50 / person including breakfast. I need to get confirmation from people who are definitely coming and book the place ASAP, so please contact me either here by leaving a comment or email (in the sidebar) to confirm your place as soon as possible! (preferably at the latest by the end of this week!).

So far, these are the people I have on my list:

Am I missing someone? Or is there anybody on the list who's not supposed to be on there or doesn't want to be on there? Please get back to me ASAP and confirm! Looking forward to hearing from all of you and seeing y'all at Benediktbeuern!


ETA: I haven't asked the ZUK about this, but there might be a possibility that we could all go into one big room. Now, I'm not sure how y'all might feel about this, but tell me what you would prefer!

ETA 2: Okay, I got them on the phone. No big sleeping room available. I will book all 5 double at the latest by tomorrow morning regardless of confirmations, since they told me that we can cancel the reservation without any costs up to 8 weeks prior to the real date. That means, the very latest you can cancel is towards the middle of August. So, please decide by then (the earlier, the better)!


bockstark.knits said...

I don't think anyone will want to room with me because there is a chance that I will snore. :(

Elemmaciltur said...

Ha! Ms. B, then I'll go in the room with you and then we can have a snoring competition! *LOL*

Bobbi said...

If only I could find a cheap airfare! Sounds like SO much fun!!

Tini said...

o.k. I do have to check a few things like
a) if I can get a day off from work, which might be difficult because I'm going to have a new co-worker-in-training then plus I just had had vacations 2 weeks before
b) how much the train will be :) or the airfare :)

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to say, that I really don't know, if I can do it, because I'll write my diploma thesis from August 1st on and I don't know if I have the time. But maybe I'll visit you there for a few hours :)