Thursday, April 3, 2008

Episode #13 Contest is now closed

Thanks to all who participated, it was a hard one! We will announce the winner on the next podcast, but in the meantime, you should've gotten your score. The average score was 5.54 and no one got all of them correct. There were 24 entries and here is how everyone answered:

QuestionsElemmacilturCashyieMs. B
Who has a coin machine and put coins in wrappers?1176
Who played High School Football?4155
Who has freakishly small baby toes?5712
Who has grey hair since childhood?10311
Who moved around a lot and lived in 16 different addresses since birth?2103
Who has the most handbags?1914
Who has a sibling married to an Asian guy?3516
Who has a Titanium plate in the hand?996
Who love cleaning their ears?1644
Who prefers sharpened regular pencils over mechanical ones?5163
Who boycotted fast-food for 3 years?7107
Who doesn't like German food?2517
Who drinks about 12 litres of Diet-Coke a week?7 13 4
Who likes brussel sprouts?14 37
Who tried to pay for a person's meal at a drive-thru McDonald's as a random act of kindness?4146


Harlequin said...

I can't belive I failed yet again to win anything in a competiton! ok I got to go to australia on holidays instead but its still not fair!

Courtney said...

So when do we get to know what the answers are?